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EcoLibra has designed a proven wastewater treatment system called the Resource Recovery System (R2S). The type of wastewaters the R2S specializes in are livestock manure and municipal sewage.

The R2S uses mechanical processes, techniques, and proprietary reactions with safe, non-toxic, soil-friendly additives. The R2S effluent exceeds environmental discharge standards. This means:

  • you are compliance-ready for environmental standards of today & the future;

  • surrounding communities will have new confidence in how the environment is managed and how safety and health is being proactively protected.

The R2S safely treats and processes raw wastewater and transforms it into valuable recovered resources. The recovered water and nutrients are odor-free, clear, clean, safe, and bacteria-free. Nutrients can be packaged and sold as fertilizer and water which can be used in business or industry. Business examples include: nutraceuticals, horticulture, agriculture, irrigation, aquaculture, greywater, habitats, livestock, thermal energy, sod, forestry. EcoLibra business consultants can assist in complete business planning.


As the R2S treats wastewater, greenhouse gas emission does not occur, thus qualifies for carbon emission credits. These credits are easily sold on global exchanges. This means:

  • R2S = economic business opportunity & immediate cash profit

Whether you need to treat sewage for 100 – 1000s of people or treat manure from 50 – 1000s of hogs, EcoLibra’s wastewater treatment technology can be customized to satisfy your population’s requirements.

The system has been demonstrated across Canada and received regulatory approval for its base treatment process. Effluents have been sampled, tested, analyzed, and approved for ecosystem health, human health, and fisheries resources.

The R2S also has risk management and quality management design aspects to maximize safety, reliability, and operational confidence.

For details please refer to the Services Overview brochure.






Treatment efficiency easily meets the strictest environmental regulations of today and well into the future. The system is customizable to treat multiple types of wastewater to varying levels of cleanliness, where bacteria and odour are non-detectable.






The R2S is fully automated with sensors, injectors, and pumps, and controlled by a programmable computer system. Raw wastewater enters the system and goes through a number of tanks for separation and processing. The liquid is completely treated and nutrients & clean water are all that remain. If the system stops at any time, the control center automatically suspends affected processes without negative impact to treatment quality.