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Our Services

EcoLibra is internationally recognized in the areas of waste treatment and recovery technologies. Along with our expert, certified in-house team, EcoLibra also leverages a global network of professionals and scientists to deliver state-of-the-art, best practice solutions. EcoLibra treats clients like partners and ensures sales, maintenance, and support are simple, fast, economical, and sustainable.

Core Business Services

EcoLibra’s core business is to install a packaged system that treats wastewater and recovers resources. In addition, we provide system customizations, certified business consulting, maintenance, and support.

Our advanced system specializes in the treatment of livestock manure and municipal sewage but can be customized for other wastewater types. If you need to build a new wastewater treatment lagoon or repair or replace an old one, we can help.

Support Services

We support our clients at all stages of business planning. From the moment you realize you need a lagoon or a grant becomes available, we can help. We can support you in alternatives analysis, planning and design, or general consulting through all project stages until the system is fully operational.


EcoLibra has in-house research and development professionals, equipment, and facilities to conduct client-driven targeted research work.