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About Us

Our Corporate Focus

EcoLibra Systems Inc. partners with organizations and communities to provide infrastructure solutions that are both economically attractive and environmentally sustainable. We focus on:

  • Resource Recovery – recovering nutrients/fertilizers & clean, reusable water from wastewaters and creation of saleable carbon credits;
  • Wastewater Treatment – delivering packaged systems specializing in treatment of agricultural livestock manure & municipal sewage;
  • Wastewater Perception – demonstrating how wastewater is valuable & can be environmentally sustainable & economically profitable.

How We Operate

We constantly look to raise the bar in the quality of the Systems and Services we deliver. We invest heavily in research, development and people so our technologies are recognized as leading innovations at a global level.

EcoLibra believes that water and nutrients must be managed as limited resources. They must be valued, protected, conserved, recovered and reused to avoid a shortage crisis that has already begun in some countries.

We use out of box thinking to find new technologies that convert serious environmental problems that have high costs into eco-friendly solutions that result in profitable economic opportunities.

We enable clients to recover nutrients/fertilizers and water to attract or start new businesses, sell carbon emission credits on exchanges, gain revenue from the land that was planned for a lagoon, increase reputation/brand due to being a green business/community, etc.

We look at wastewater as the untapped resource of the future;

  • problematic waste = free water & fertilizers = business/industry application & resale profits.

With extensive knowledge and expertise, EcoLibra delivers services that are certified in the areas of strategic business planning, maintenance and support. We pride ourselves in attracting top quality people recognized internationally for their knowledge and experience. Sample qualifications from our team include: FInstP, CPhys, CSci, D.Sc, M.Sc, B.Sc(Hons), BSA, P.Eng, P.Ag, PMP, ISO, Six Sigma, CGA, DBA, CT.

Green Focus

"Environmentalists and business leaders don’t agree on much, but both have called water the oil of the 21st century" (Council of Canadians). EcoLibra continuously looks to discover new ways to protect limited resources such as water & nutrients, and how to eliminate green house gas emissions. We also adamantly ensure that our solutions provide communities and organizations economic payback and new business opportunities.

Our commitment is to deliver the very best systems, services & support, and to establish a partnership that ensures our long term solutions exceed your expectations.